Anarchy Moment 0339 – Will Smith Sets The Standard For Dealing With Idiots and The Recent Events Of My So Called Life. — 4 Comments

  1. Good rant from TGO.
    I hope you got that crown fixed.
    In regards to finding movies, l’ll suggest telegram channels.
    You can find lots of telegram channels from where you stream movies.
    You should use a temporary phone number and a fake name to create the account, because anonymity is key in this time and age of retarded dystopia .
    Don’t forget to use a VPN when connecting to telegram using the portable Telegram app.

    I hope you find this comment useful!

  2. Funnily Adam banned me from writing on his blog because I was vocally anti christ cuckery in his comment section, much unlike his cadre of cunts. I suppose nothing of value was lost, his readers are mostly out of touch gen x’ers, boomers, and gen x boomers.

    Yeah, he’s still a good read and has some good contributions/observations, but he comes across as someone who thinks he has the monopoly on insight. Many such cases.

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