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  1. Well structured, articulate, lucid and surprising cogent… with only one or two tangents… and I’m loving the air of contempt and derision. This has made my morning…

    • I tried reading Mein Kampf as a schoolboy, as did most of my classmates (it’s an important historical text!), but we all found it turgid. It has since been suggested that this was by design – as in, the English translations were willfully tumescent to dissuade the reader. Thanks to this prompt, I have decided to try again, but this time with The Stalag Edition, currently on order (ISBN-13: 9781643701141; ISBN-10: 1643701142). I shall report back.

      Naively, I had assumed that purchasing a book had remained a simple task – it has not. The West is in a desperate rush to flush itself down the lavatory.

  2. I just listened to a podcast with the survivors of the USS Liberty. The episode is from the Full Haus Show, Ep116.
    Every day I learn more about how deceiving ((they)) are.
    What these men of the USS Liberty went through during and after the attack is unacceptable.

  3. I really need to get Mein Kampf read one of these days.

    I suggest you read Lightening and the Sun by Savitri Devi too. I started it, and actually, you don’t even need to read it. You can have PDF’s read to you like an audiobook nowadays if they’re formatted properly. So you can just sitback and listen to it instead should you not want to commit the effort of reading.

    But yeah, Hitler was on the money from what I’ve been able to gather he spoke about. The victors write history, of course their enemies are the villains of it. I got pretty drunk one night at a friends birthday, and given how the Vax had actually woke few people up to the bullshit being being flung about them. I thought I’d take opportunity of my friends, friends brief lucidity to touch upon the double srandard in how they trust the goverment in all other aspects in their life, without fault, yet this was one circumstance exception. I made the point that this same government they loath,that is willing to lie about the vax efficacy and abuse its power over populace. In both manipulation and tyranny, surely doesn’t have our interests in mind. So why trust them on anything else?

    I used the example of WW2, talking about why we ought to believe anything the government or media institutions have to say. Because in current year, you can witness for yourself how corrupt and bought out both institutions are in portraying events to suit their benefactors. And their minds just broke, the cognitive dissonance and propaganda that had been instilled upon them since childhood kicked in like it was their natural born instinct to defend “muh 6 gorillion dead lampshade jews!”. And because this information had been imparted on them as children, they would never suspect the foulplay we’re privy to as adults to apply.

    And low and behold, you can see the same thing happen with the “Muh Russiya!” naratives. The western apparatus of propaganda is too good at what it does. People are dumber than ever, literacy has done nothing for the commoner except make them vulnerable to psyops and propaganda they would have otherwise been to ignorant to understand. Because what’s the point of reading when you’re only presented with propaganda?

    We undoubtedly win by appealing to children and young adults. Because the truth is so powerful, government, corporate and media institutes need to condition people and suppress it from their gaze from cradle to grave to be able to do with what they do.

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