Anarchy Moment 0338 – Russian Missile Attacks On American Cities. The Price of Gas. Tangenting About Muh So Called Life. — 10 Comments

  1. @ 11:30 I think the word you’re looking for is arrogance. I’ve noticed this a lot in the college student population (because I am a college student). The people just think that because we are so and so, we are just immune to everything bad that could happen to us. They’re just entitled to thinking they in the are right all the time, and why shouldn’t they? You’re not penalized for having false beliefs. If you think that a man can become a woman and vice versa, you’re not going to get penalized for that. You’re going to get celebrated for thinking that way.

    It all starts in the education system. The people who get the good grades and do the right extracurriculars get into Harvard and Yale and bring their line of thinking to positions of power. If they make bad decisions, they don’t get to live with their decisions because they are a protected class. They aren’t the ones who have to date the trannies because they get the hotties due to their status. They don’t have to suffer the higher prices from sanctions because their jobs make them rich. And if you don’t get into Harvard and Yale, you are a second-tier citizen. Hell, if you don’t get into college, society think’s you’re a failure. So these people *have* to conform because their way of life depends on it.

    The entire school to career to political power pipeline gives people a false sense of belief that whatever they think is the right thing and anyone that doesn’t support their beliefs is an anti-this anti-that. They live in a bubble because the West is so rich that they can do pretty much anything and they won’t get affected. For all intents and purposes, American citizens are essentially politicians. They are the elite class, and they can influence policy by “canceling” people who disagree with them.

    Until people get punished for not believing in the truth, society will continue to decline.

    • Ya know, I’m sure it’s really arrogance. It’s more like the whole thought of being invaded is completely out of our consciousness. I don’t think of arrogance as being out of your consciousness. But I’m not going to say it’s not a flavour of arrogance.

      Until people get punished for ignoring reality we will indeed continue the decline. Might as well enjoy it while we can.

  2. Re the gas prices thing… I wanna say #NAEALT, but you’re basically right.

    I blogged about a manifestation of this the other day.

    Basically, the British do this thing where if I get a shitty outcome and you get a good outcome, we think the way to make it fair is for both of us to get a shitty outcome, rather than both getting a good outcome.

    It’s fucked up and stupid, but then… people.

    You make a great point re healthcare. Here are some facts and figures.

    Based on population and overall NHS healthcare budget, the spend per man, woman, child and tranny in England is $4200 per annum at current exchange rates.

    But we fund it from income taxes which means those who earn more pay more. Between me and my employer, we pay about $18000 a year for my contribution to the NHS, plus part of my benefits package is private healthcare, which is actually good and sanitary, and is an additional $4800. I have to pay most of my own dental on top of that, as no insurance scheme covers the full cost of a good dentist.

    There’s no co-payment otherwise, and drug prescriptions are subsidised – at worst we pay $15 per item from a doctor’s surgery and the rest comes out of NHS funds. If a hospital prescribes, you don’t pay at all.

    Of course, those on welfare or retired don’t pay a penny for anything. Nor do all the illegals and refugees. Legitimate visitors are supposed to be billed for treatment but we have no mechanism to collect the money if they leave the country before paying (which most do).

    There’s no aspect of British health insurance (NHS) that takes account of your age or lifestyle so there are a lot of perverse incentives. The thing that pisses me off the most is that socialised medicine makes my health your business and you can see what sort of retard logic that can lead to.

    So yes, it’s fucked up.

    The systems in a lot of other European countries are far better, but are also more expensive than here in England. I’d pay more if I thought it’d make healthcare better, rather than get spent on more diversity co-ordinators.

    We also have sales taxes of 20% – some European countries are 25%-28%.

    • Damn, I’d fly over across the pond for health care then skip out on the ticket only I’d have to muzzle up on the airplane.

      Fucking Wuhan Hoax is harshing my buzz man.

      On a serious note, I think we’d all (as in me, you, my listeners, your readers) would be willing to pay a bit more for better. I think we are all willing to pay for quality and competence. Problem is, as well all know, we will never get better.

  3. Oh yeah… gas taxes in England are a flat $2.90 per US Gallon. Then there’s sales tax on the whole lot. All-in here, unleaded gasolene is $8 per US Gallon.

    It keeps poor people off the roads, so I’m not concerned.

    • Keeping poor people off the road is good. If only we could keep women off the road.

      Gas prices are still bouncing up and down over here. Hovering around $4/gallon right now. The other day the price went up by 12 cents during the time that I went to ‘da gym.

  4. Your relationship with Adam sounds more like that of sibling with diametrically opposed ontological beliefs (and thus, to a certain extent, have utter contempt for one another) who, while attempting to avoid confrontation on the issue, cannot fully hold the tension from leaking-out occasional through passive aggressive behaviour.

  5. The petrodollar is a double financial advantage for the US: non-US-dollar countries have to exchange their currencies into US-dollars (a cost) to buy (most) oil, the US does not; and the US currency is thus artificially supported by non-dollar oil purchasing countries.

    Nevertheless, if other Western countries (who tend to behave like California when it comes to petrol tax) offered-up their costs solely to California maybe they would bitch less?

    • The currency exchange thing is an interesting point.

      I kind of understand the whole concept of only selling oil for US dollars and I kind of don’t. I mean if I had oil I’d sell it for gold, silver, bitcoin, hawt red heads and blondes, Supergirl comics I don’t have in my collection yet, and under-age hookers (who could then go to New York state to get abortions without their parents finding out) amongst other things.

      But what the fuck do I know? I’m just a guy yelling at the interwebz.

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