Anarchy Moment 0337 – The Great One Would Like To Be Doing Real Podcasts and Playing Star Wars. However He Is Surrounded By Incompetent Idiots Who Are Wasting His Finite Life. — 4 Comments

  1. Not a bad tune that… it reminded me of when music was still good. I’m resisting the temptation to find out what those cuties look like now 17 years on, and what they’re saying on Twitter about Orange Man, Wuhan and Muh Ukrania.

    Now, I know you don’t want or need my help with your mum’s computer, but I’m a spergy IT idiot, so here it is anyway.

    It’s either a plug-in in her browser kiboshing the javascript of the webmail site, some crapware she’s downloaded or her network (DNS) config is broken/compromised and she’s viewing her webmail through an imposter man-in-the-middle site.

    1) incognito/Inprivate browser window
    2) Different browser
    3) Internet connection settings in browser… any proxy enabled? Is there a *.PAC file or wpad.dat file anywhere on her machine?
    4) Create a new user account in Windows (compmgmt,msc), log in with that and try again.
    5) Malwarebytes scanner.
    6) Check that she’s getting ALL her network crap from DHCP on her router and hasn’t got any manual DNS settings and there’s nothing in the hosts file at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
    7) Verify she sees the same SSL certificate when hooked into her webmail as you see when you’re in it.
    8) Start up in safe-mode with networking & try again.
    9) Just tell her that you’ve read her emails before and the computer is now doing God’s work.

    BTW Windows Defender in Win7 is absolutely definitely positively not to be relied upon, however up to date the patches are.

    • Thank you for all the suggestions. I really do like #9 and was gonna go with it when – as you heard in the podcast – her email started working again.

      Thanks the Gods and Goddesses. Now I can once again get emails daily reporting to me which of her sick/dying animals pissed on the floor and in which room.

      Say it with me.
      World War three.
      I want to see
      it come to be.

  2. I think this rolls back into the dream you had the other day, you know, that one of a nigger spitting your food. Turns out it was a prophetic dream of self realisation you just haven’t pieced together yet, so allow me to interpret for you.

    The locker is an analogy of your life, no matter how well secured you think it is, or where you choose to keep your things. There’s always going to be a nigger spitting in your food. The POX is almost definitely an analogy for normies/the state, although there may actually have been a nigger spitting in your food recently. Impossible to discern, you should probably go buy some mouthwash.

    I’ll take my payment in form of a vidya game podcast, you’re welcome.

    • I haz mouthwash on hand just for occasions like this.

      Your interpretation actually makes a frightening amount of sense.

      I’ll have a helping of World War Three please.

      Ya know, you might just get that video game podcast…

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