Anarchy Moment 0333 – Russia Invades County No One Can Locate On A Map Nor Spell The Name Of. What An Opportunity For Advertising! — 7 Comments

  1. I moved to Romania a few years ago because I wanted to get away from niggers and to pay less taxes, in hindsight that was a fuckup on my part since bombs have been dropped roughly 80 miles away from Romanian borders. As based as the Russian patriarchy is, Putin himself is just a statist war hawk and his reasons for invading Ukraine are the same bullshit that was used to justify the war against the South: “At some point your country was part of X therefore I FEEL LIKE it should be part of X forever. Why did you shoot at us when we crossed your border? Muh aggression!”

    Ukraine are not low IQ savages that would benefit from a foreign government enslaving them, genetically speaking they’re cut from the same cloth as Russians and their chicks are just as hot. As for why the EU are shitting themselves, I think it’s mostly because Putin keeps experimenting with other countries by using various acts of aggression in order to see what he can get away with. For example a representative of the Russian army declared that they “accidentally” sank a Turkish ship… how does one exactly sink an unarmed cargo ship ‘accidentally’? Keep in mind that Turkey has at least 50 US nukes stored on their soil… because of course they do… that’s where your tax money went. They’re also members of NATO, meaning that we could potentially be drafted to fight in WW3 so we can defend a Muslim shithole and protect our nukes from being stolen by Russia. Oh well, it is what it is… maybe after making their young men crawl through a 3rd meat grinder Europe will FINALLY learn to get along with each other. To be honest I doubt Europe can learn anything anymore.

    • Hmmm who knows. I don’t think any country is getting involved with what happens to Ukraine outside of sending aid. Threat of war with a country that has the nuclear capabilities as big as Russia is not something to shrug at.

      No one is doing shit, the wartime propaganda and information war has already begun though. Turn into any MSM you’ll see them frothing at the mouth about Russia neutralizing a rogue threat on their very borders.

  2. Felix Rex (Black Pidgeon Speaks) Has done a number of podcasts with good information as to what’s going on in Ukraine right now. Suffice to say, NATO and American foreign policy is to blame for what’s habbening right now, no surprises there.

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