Anarchy Moment 0328 – Therapy Podcast – There Is Next To Nothing Worth Living For. We Are Surrounded By Idiots and Fat Women Wasting Our Finite Lives. — 6 Comments

  1. I usually agree with you, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more in agreement that today.

    Piggott and Cullen and the other white-pill pole smokers really don’t like it when we talk like this about how life has been utterly caked in shit. But it is true.

    A few years ago, my oldest friend and his wife bought a house in a rural part of England… Norfolk… it’s our Wyoming. Because that’s where her family is… he folded and did what she wanted. She sweetened the pill for him by letting him buy a big old house… something the Addams family would feel at home in.

    Early last year in mid Wuhan, once it became clear that ‘working from homo’ and all the rest of it would be forever, my friend and his wife persuaded me that it would be a great idea to box up my life and move to the same part of England that they had moved to. The case made some sense…. nice big house, lots of land, nice and affordable, we could all spend a lot more time together. And it didn’t matter about all the toothless hicks who still burn a wicker man every second thursday, because society is done with now.

    Three months after I moved to the land of the Wicker man… my oldest friend’s wife banned me from entering their house because I’m not jabbed. My oldest friend completely folded, shrugged his shoulders and then started screaming at me like a Karen when I said he should get the balls to tell his bitch ‘NO’.

    So if anyone wants to buy a house with its own supply of Stephen King storylines, here you go, because I’m fucking going back to the city, so at least I’m near to the movie theatre I can’t go into any more.

    Bring on the meteor strike.

  2. I stay around for similar reasons. Not for hopes of revenge, but just to watch the chickens come home to roost. You’re right that everyone is guilty and I want to be around to watch the normies burn. We might not get to live long enough to crucify a masktard Karen on a telephone pole, but we will get to enjoy the wails of torment from the legions of pussies who are finally experiencing real hardship for the first time.

    Also, a note on incompetence. I’ve had 8 jobs in the last 11 years. Never fired and never quit. I was laid off from every single one because every single time management ran the place out of business.

    And my current job?

    The building I work in is engaged in a $300,000 (and counting) boondoggle because some college educated boomer in upper management thought a piece of technology built in 2019 would just seamlessly interface with a control system in a building built in the 1960s.

    But God forbid a custodian manage to get any overtime! Go even 15 min over your 40 and get ready for some angry emails from the admin about watching the budget.

  3. Great One:
    First thing first. I am glad you decided against self-deletion. Right now we need all the common sense we can muster in the world.

    Going back to the first part of your podcast. You are correct in being pissed off at the waste of your time. Even Clarey will agree that the most expensive commodity is time; once time is used, weather spent wisely or wasted, it is not coming back. So, yeah you are right to be pissed.

    Last, about this wuhan hoax, I am ready for the whole system to collapse under the weight of all of the rules that were put in place by stupid governments and politicians.

    I was planning on taking a nice vacation in Central America this month but…the country that was going to travel to decided to implement the stupid QR code in your phone in order for you to do some things that could be fun.

    So…fuck the system and anyone that wants to keep this wuhan flu hoax going.

  4. Well, that’s as good a reason as any to live. In a more ‘primitive’ society that wasn’t retard-proof or traitorous you would’ve been a warrior guarding our gates, now you’re a warrior waiting for the retards to start eating each other.

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