Anarchy Moment 0323 – Alphas, Religion, Fish Bicycles, Pronouns, Comfort, and Gaslighting. — 2 Comments

  1. I think you’re overthinking it. an alpha is just someone who is reliable. whether you have to forego the reliance on women to achieve it, it’s just one of many things one may have to do if they want to be a top quality cunt.

    TQC (top quality cunts aka alpha’s, but we’ll just abbreviate it to TQC. because like women, it’s a word many “men” have ruined.) need not only reconsider their reliance on woomy’s, but also fellow compatriots. If there’s a friend of yours thats proven unreliable, you need to cut the chaff lest you be weighed down them. whether theyre an intellectual dead weight or a financial one, or something else entirely. I think you get the point.

    the tl’dr is that youre reliable. and you maintain your reliability at the expense of others, but never to their detriment or with malevolence. its just you putting yourself first and them second. or third. or fourth.

    i think some cuck capitalist wrote something along the lines of “if the greatest virtue is to give gift, then the act of producing the thing of which we gift should be held as the highest virtue of all” or some such shit. i mean yeah, its true. you gonna have to acquire something people want before you can be useful or desired by anyone at all.

    also most podcasts are cringe, and TJ marty is way too naive for my liking. idk what it is that makes you fellate him the way cobra taint dreams of fellating anthony’s johnson. where would be a good startin point to listen to TJ’s stuff?

  2. Whatever definition of alpha one might come up with, it’s vital for ‘leader of men’ to be part of it. At the end of the day what’s an alpha wolf? Literally Hitler the leader of his own pack! The one who delegates duties, leads the hunt and has first choice when it comes to bitches. Wolves strong enough to thrive without a pack are their own category… sigma males? Omega males? While a sigma or omega might begrudgingly accept the mantle of leadership in times of great need (assuming there’s no one more qualified around), an alpha usually can’t walk away from his pack without going completely insane because he’s an extroverted being who thrives at the helm of a group.

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