Anarchy Moment 0322 – Ranting In The Kitchen with The Great One. — 1 Comment

  1. You know I read a post on /pol/ that surmised everything perfectly.

    We all use a lot of words to describe how other people are fuckin about, ruining things for the rest of us. Theorizing how best to handle the situation amicably so we can live together in ‘harmony’ yadayada so on so forth. But the answer has always been simple.

    You kill your enemies or they kill you.

    You go get your big cave man club and go cave and/or club in the skulls of the other adversarial cave and pavement apes.

    We’ve been doin it for hundreds of thoudsands of years. Its kinda pathetic how domesticated man has become, needing guides to approach womynz at the gym. Contemplating whether or not they should touch their dick.

    On that though, I’d find it hard to say im much better. If I were upto the task myself, I’m sure I’d have done something about it already rather than shitpost on some obscure blog.

    What did you end up cooking anyway, nigger?

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