The Superstition Podcast 0017 – The Vaxx Make You Less Likely To Die. From Anything. At All. Ever. Everyone Over The Age of 12 Should Get Vaxxed Immediately. — 8 Comments

  1. Everything is a wonder product in coomer consumer cattle culture.

    I remember many years ago a friend of our family had a collection of various antiques. One of these was a potato chip can from the late 1940s or early 1950s. I did a little research (ie: 5 minutes in google) and managed to find pictures of that exact type of can. Now, let’s see what the can says.

    “A Healthy Food – NEW ERA scientifically processed Potato Chips.”

    Yes, it’s marketed as a health food. That’s why the can is adorned with pictures of slim athletic people engaged in various physically demanded activities. But how can potato chips be healthy? Science! Let’s take a look at the back of the can.

    “Science says – The Alkaline Side is the healthy side.”

    The back then goes on to explain how science has confirmed how awesome this heavily processed, chemical laden garbage is. And it ends with three words that are in all caps, bright red, and underlined: “FEAST WITHOUT FEAR.”

    Thinking Ape was right. Technology evolves, humanity doesn’t.

    • “Feast without fear.” Damn, even back then they were marketing to boomers and women.

      Humans evolve – they simply do so very slowly. Right at this moment I’d suggest the species is an evolutionary train wreck. The DNA of the species is being assaulted by:

      1. the vaxx

      2. allowing genetically broken people to reproduce

      3. race mixing

      But the “people” with that collection of broken DNA will be easy to market to and that’s what matters most.

  2. “I laid in bed for 30 minutes” relatable
    “bail me out, sky daddy” accurate
    “statists being delusional and impetuous” expected
    “I played starwars today” perhaps the most frightening statement made within 40 whole minutes.
    “cuckservatives are controlled opposition” yes, but most political parties are compromised. I’d feel comfortable saying only grassroot movements aren’t cucked. But they’re led by retards and the naive so really what’s the difference?
    “I want to create a narrative world” podcast an episode about it or write a post on it, it sounds kinda dope ngl. It’s nice to be imaginative.
    “something something vax something something” we’ll hear about it for all eternity at this point, never let good crisis go to waste as they say. I reckon everything will be associated with vaccines at some point in the future. not by necessity, but by virtue i.e. ‘if you like X, youre antivax’
    “my brain hurts” my brain would hurt if I too played starwars, dw about it bro. just take your vax and wear your muzzle.
    “life is woes and hoes” yes, sometimes in the reverse order too!

    • I wish I had da low IQz so I could be happy and ignorant. Just believing everything on the TV must free up a fuck ton of time. Think how much Star Wars I could play and how many fat womynz with orange hair and tattoos I could bang.

  3. If controlled correctly (unlikely) and amusingly having rejected data regarding the risk of death from the Sars-CoV-2 gene therapy (such deaths have probably been expurgated as “C-19 deaths”); this is most likely a simple selection bias issue regarding historical healthcare inequalities.

    Nevertheless, we may have to conclude that blindly following all healthcare directives is correlated with better health outcomes than blindly rejecting all healthcare directives. Consequently, for the cognitively impaired, it may be better to simply do what you are told. Of course, this says nothing to those without cognitive impairment, but as Sars-CoV-2 has demonstrated… there are very few non-cognitively impaired people on the planet.

    • yes and no.
      some people however just cuck on their own beliefs when pressured by the gubermint or other external forces. threaten someones ability to provide for themselves and there’s little they wont do. they will ( and its a human thing to do, really) always take the path of least resistance.

      “what? i only need to wear a mask and take a needle? easy alternative to starving and trying to convince those around me that this is unethical, tyrannical and can only lead to further authoritarianism ” t. australian. watching the country revert back to an authoritarian penal colony.

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