Anarchy Moment 0304 – What Do You Call 2600 Dead Boomers? A Good Start. — 2 Comments

  1. Hot sumer in hot Wyoming. The Great One Himself sees 4 remarkable hot chicks during a business trip. Pheromones act and he gets very horny but as usual, gets nothing.


    To make TGOH frustrated and furiously rant on Boomers and RVs until getting in a stupid fight with a Boomer in a RV who just heard the insulting shouting. Getting arrested, fined and fired totally fucking this new opportunity, go to last page.

    To make TGOH resorting to the oldest profession in the world, performing like a wild stallion, fully emptying deposits and enjoying maximum relaxation to happily getting on with this new opportunity, turn to next page.

  2. Fantastic idea TGOH! I’ve just listened to STO-0603 where @ ~15:30 you do a hilarious Shatner impression. Methinks that you should release a Shatner version of “Dystopian Wuhan Wonderland” this Christmas.

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