Yes All Women Are Like That 0031 – E. Jean Fired: Episode I – If You Think Truth Matters You Are A Fool At Best. — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Great One… did you see the news that a load of COVID snitches names were posted on Facebook, following a FOIA request in Missouri?

    The list is here:

    I took a moment to do an analysis (well, a python program).

    Of the 643 names I could clearly say were M or F, 66.4% were F. Presumably the remaining 33.6% were fags and gammas.

    I bet you’re shocked.

      • One good thing about face covering is that we could use it to fight against government face tracking software, what if we wore magic cloth with 20% more magic? Think of it like a gas mask that covers your entire head and has snow goggles so that way you’re 100% protected from the big bad Wuhan virus. LOL

  2. Tell me the truth…. have you ever met a Karen who could make a pie that you’d eat?

    There’s a reason why I’ve always done the cooking around here…. bitches can’t do the job properly. In fact all of the world’s best chefs are and always have been men. Why accept second best?

    • Al! Can you make a program that will:

      1. select each of these emails that is tagged with “sent from my iphone” or “sent from my ipad”

      2. of those emails, determine what percentage are from women

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