Stating The Obvious 0630 – TGO Speaks On: Trail Running, Freedom, Muslims, (((Jews))), Women, Obama Murdering Muslims With Missiles Launched From Flying Robots and A Company Donating Money To A Foreign Military. — 2 Comments

  1. After reading the Quran myself I don’t buy for a second that Islam it’s somehow ‘incompatible’ with Western civilization like tradcucks claim, I haven’t read the Hadith (the book about Muhammad’s life) but the standard Quran seems like it could be the bedrock of a great civilization if people with IQs above 90 followed it. The problem with Muslims it’s that they’re low IQ due to constant inbreeding, if I’m not mistaken nearly 44% of marriages in Saudi Arabia are between cousins yet liberals keep making Alabama jokes every chance they get.

    You can see tons of facts that make cucks uncomfortable here:

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