Stating The Obvious 0626 – It’s A Binary. You Either Take The Yellow/Black Pill or You Are Clueless. — 3 Comments

  1. Black and yellow, black and yellow! — ugly song from a hideous genre

    Women’s liberation is the death of civilization. You may quote me on that.

  2. Tried to watch your ‘Clueless’ movie recommendation, couldn’t stand more than 30 seconds. So I was about to shit on you an all your ancestors -twice- when I found ‘The Greasy Pole 0005 – The No Chycks Allowed Episode’ which is one of the best podcast ever. Almost 2 years later, what happened with that travel to Holland? and that shooting-from-the-raft trip with plenty of booze and no chycks allowed?

    Also, the 2008 Barbie Collector Doll Silver Label Supergirl Doll increased its price to $177.77.

    • Are you insane?

      I checked myself. I watched the first 90 seconds of Clueless again and was laughing my ass off. Fucking. Laughing. My. Ass. Off.

      Clueless, unlike most things made by women, is a fantastic movie and work of art.

      Granted not as much as a work of art as The No Chycks Allowed episode of The Greasy Pole.

      Clarey was going to pay for both of us to go to Holland when he published his book about Millennials and made a ton of money but he didn’t publish the book. Instead he let someone else publish it. So that’s his fault.

      The raft trip didn’t happen because Piggott claims to have a job.

      None of these things happened because of Clarey and Piggott. Certainly none of it is my fault.

      Fucking Wuhan Virus is driving up the price of Barbie dolls now. The economy is totally fucked.

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