Stating The Obvious 0625 – Book Review Episode Degenerates Into TGO Reminding You That You Are Slaves, Taxation Is Theft, and You Should Consider Waking The Fuck Up. — 2 Comments

  1. Great One since you’ve worked in a bio lab what do you think of coronavirus? Doesn’t it seem man-made to you? I might be a conspiracy nut but it looks like a Chinese bio weapon to me, probably something that escaped from a laboratory near Wuhan.

    -according to Indian doctors the most effective treatment seems to be AIDS medicine of all things
    -it has an incubation period of up to 30 days not 14 like the World Health Organization claims
    -Italian doctors confirmed that it has a mortality rate of 65% among their patients, to this day China and almost all governments try to hide these numbers
    -the virus can survive on objects such as door handles or tables up to 28 days not 9 hours like the World Health Organization originally claimed
    -patients who survived are still able to infect other people and they don’t gain immunity afterwards
    -some men become infertile after surviving it once

    • Possible bio-weapon? Sure.

      Escaped from a lab? Very good odds of that.

      I don’t have enough information, much less information I would consider accurate, to hazard a guess.

      Now if I were a retarded 17 year old girl from Sweden I could be an expert on Coronavirus. Alas I’m none of those…

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