Linkage: 18 June, 2019 – Women Aren’t Broken, The System Is Broken. #TheTriggering — 2 Comments

  1. -TFM’s argument about replacing women with sex dolls

    I cannot honestly refute him, it feels morally wrong/unnatural to get emotionally attached to a doll like TFM did however my feelings are not an argument. I can see his point of view, even high-end sex dolls are in fact cheaper and safer than a real woman but fucking one won’t result in children which is a real problem if you’re looking to start a family. lol

    -TFM’s argument that women are not broken and that hypergamy isn’t a bad thing

    I disagree wholehearted. Evolution hasn’t ended, while I agree that a mother going for the new alpha male plus grabbing every scrap of food might’ve helped cavewomen keep their children alive, it’s no longer necessary for survival thus they should drop it if they have any agency but they don’t. What’s the point of hypergamy if first world women are too lazy to even make babies? Women are slaves to their own female nature, they’re all a bunch of sponges with no agency/free will that absorb resources endlessly like a black hole.

    As a man I consider myself a creature of war, violence it’s in my nature yet I can satisfy my bloodlust by playing a few rounds of a war game like “Company of Heroes” for example or perhaps by watching an action movie, and I can also satisfy my need for a brotherhood by playing sports every once in a while. Can women do the same? Can they EVER be satisfied??? I doubt it, they replaced making babies with buying dogs while also eating as if they’re pregnant and getting fatter by the day. That’s female “logic” in a nutshell, their inability to control their base instinct it’s what makes them deeply broken creatures.

    • I have to do a podcast about this.

      I see where you’re coming from on the hypergamy part – and you aren’t wrong. I think there is a different way of looking at it however which places this in a different perspective.

      I gotta short list this podcast ’cause I think it will be a good one.

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