Linkage: 21 May, 2019 – Equality Is The Enemy Of Progress and Freedom. #TheTriggering — 4 Comments

  1. >Left and Right converge at the extremes.

    Further confirmation that this is bull-crap concerns lefties having never actually built a civilization, it’s always been right wing groups that produce such indicators of success.

    > Anarchy works until your neighbor steals your plow.

    Lefties won’t steal your plow… they would be too lazy to use it…. they’ll wait till you grow food and then raid your fields instead.

    >And what is the solution to “too many people” I wonder?

    Cannon fodder.


    GO, wtf does cheesecake mean in the manner that you reference it? take pity on a dumb shit like myself and please explain..

    • On your horseshoe point – true that it’s the right that builds civilizations. But is it the extreme right that builds civilization or the normal right? But then what’s the dividing line between normal right and extreme right? I don’t have an answer here, I’m thinking out loud. I do think that the right is perfectly capable of twisting itself into the left. I know they don’t want to hear that but they do it. Anyhow it’s a good point you make.

      Good point on leftist being too lazy to use a plow. They will wait to steal the finished product. It’s called taxes.

      Cheesecake – used to reference scantily dressed hot girls looking hot simply for the purpose of looking hot. PG-13 porn might be a good way to describe it. It’s what all the thots are attempting to do to themselves on their InstaSlut accounts. I mean what thots are being forced to do by the patriarchy on the InstaSlut accounts we force them to have and post photos on.

      Cheesecake is sweet, rich (not money rich) and delicious. Hot chycks looking hot are sweet, rich and delicious.

  2. One word…. hierarchy – such organizing is necessary for the construction and preservation of a functional society, I believe the right are more accepting of this, though in right wing societies I’d also say that the majority of people on all levels still do better and “feel” that they belong / are a part of their society. Such societies are also harsh on those who attempt to corrupt or destroy them – remember back to European times when traitors were banished if they didn’t qualify for the death penalty. One way or another true societies on the right knew they had to expel the garbage – you son’t just slap it on the wrist and allow it to continue to fester within your ranks.

    • Exactly. You have to take the garbage out or it will pile up in the house and eventually consume you.

      The right here in the U.S. is perfectly willing to let the traitors fester within the ranks. Thus the decline. The the enjoying of said decline.

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