Linkage: 30 April, 2019 – The Predator Becomes The Prey #TheTriggering — 2 Comments

  1. I loved you pointing out that the alt-right are a bunch of princesses. Matt Forney is a perfect example of an alt-right princess, if I remember correctly two years ago in Charlottesville there was a relatively tame physical altercation (by football standards) between antifa and the alt-right which culminated in a nazi being surrounded by a bunch of commies in his car and him running over some fat leftist bitch while trying to escape. This skirmish spooked our little princess so much that he moved to Hungary out of fear of being hunted down by antifa members from a certain facebook group and within a week he found Jebus of all things, afterwards he started denouncing every alt-right leader for not doing enough to “stop the violence” and began calling everything Satanic, everything from homosexuals having buttsex with each other to boys and girls holding hands before marriage. Mind you, this Matt fella was apparently a pickup artist before turning into a Christfag.

    My problems with the alt-right…
    -How are you going to impose your “alternative conservative values” on society if the thought of running over a bunch of commies with your car horrifies you?
    -How are you going to impose your “alternative conservative values” on society if you’re not even willing to throw acid in the face of single mothers like Muslims do in the UK? There needs to be a deterrent for whoring out.
    -How are you going to impose your “alternative conservative values” on society if you don’t believe in racial segregation? The reason conservatism managed to glue society together back in the ’20s-’30s was because we were still +90% white and the niggers were hanged, nothing can hold us together now that we’re less than 60% white.
    -Why does every alt-right coward turn to Christ as if Christianity can save Western civilization? Christianity is dead, it died with the kings and it took this globalist Pope to make it official. The only place where Christianity is still relevant today it’s Russia, however their people are 81-82% white and you can potentially add another 3% to that number if you count the Ukrainians as white. We all know the formula: “diversity + proximity = war”, except there’s no diversity in Russia.

    In conclusion; either cut the welfare/take women’s rights away and get ready to kill the thugs that will come for your resources anyway, or just enjoy the decline like a grownup. No, sadly the handsome blue-eyed man on the cross won’t make reality go away princess.

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