Anarchy Moment 0210 – Pessimism, Optimism, Centres, Trains and Tree Shredders. — 1 Comment

  1. Go, I have a buddy who went out and bought a bus back in the 90s – ripped out all the seats and decked it out and lived in it, he worked as a contractor and hence drove his ‘home’ around to various jobs. It worked well for him and he managed to save quite a bit of money, It gave him extra mobility and choice of work as well.

    Re: the pros and cons of leaving where you live, you need to ask the question in regards to cons, will the things I lose be available elsewhere? are these things unique? if not, then the cons may not be that significant.

    Re: the training of yoga girl, I hope you’re not training your replacement.

    Take it easy man.

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