Stating The Obvious 0586 – Cuckservatives Can’t Read The Writing On The Bathroom Wall. — 3 Comments

  1. Hahah it’s good to have my very own personal podcast, dude.. Good work!

    But shit.. I think it shows more that I can’t write than you can’t read… I’ll never be your scriptwriter.. you okay with that?

    BTW Coprophagy is literally shit-eating. And minge is British slang for vagina. But if I have to explain the joke… yeah. That’s on me.

    • I can’t stick to a script anyhow. No one will ever be my script writer. I tanget way too much.

      I thought that’s what coprophagy was, but was too lazy to google it. Didn’t know minge. See y’all, my website is educational as fuck. Learning new words. Did you learn any of these useful words from your fucking teeeeaacherssssss?

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