Stating The Obvious 0571 – Down The Interwebz Rabbit Hole – Episode I: It’s Racist All The Way Down. — 6 Comments

  1. >”It is based upon the irrational belief that superficial differences among races “determine cultural or individual achievement.”

    So several thousand years of incredible white history culminating with space exploration and moon landings etc must superficial nonsense then? dam…. I keep googling and googling…. I just can’t find any information on those Mexican space probes reaching Mars or that Somali developed cure for cancer that they wowed us all with a few years back……..

    • It doesn’t matter that you can’t find evidence. All I have to do is call you a racist and I win. White men in North America are so terrified of being called racist they will cut off their own nuts to avoid it. It’s called the Cuckening. And it’s happening all around us.

      Cuck. Cuck cuck. Cuck cuck cuck. Cuck!

      Besides don’t you know that the moon landing was only possible because black women did the math? Stupid white men never could have landed on the moon without walking on the backs of black women. I mean coloured women. I mean womynz of colour. Or whatever the hell the approved label is this week.

    • I like how they call it ‘irrational’ in the definition. Who decides what’s rational and irrational? From a philosophical standpoint you could easily debate the merits of racism for over 10 hours, yet they think they can just wave the whole argument away with a definition. Second of all who defines what’s a ‘superficial difference’? I happen to believe that eye color is superficial, however pretty much everything else matters because in the end it contributes to your: fertility, IQ, health, your offspring’s health, personality, violent behavior…etc. These shitlibs are more or less saying that two distinct dog breeds, such as Pitbulls and German Shepherds, are virtually the same because both of them drink from the toilet.

      • They decide what is rational. It says they are rational right there in the URL. And if you disagree you are racist. Anyone who disagrees with someone who has a website with the word rational in the URL is a racist.

        They can in fact wave the entire argument away with “racism”. And that’s the problem from the philosophical perspective.

        One might (if one was unaware of how SJWs and shitlibs function) expect some form of reasoning to be found on a website called Rational Wiki. If so, one would be disappointed.

      • Edward, only whites have different hair and eye colours (true fact), all the rest have brown eyes and black hair, so it would be superficial when we are comparing individuals who all fall within the Caucasian sphere.

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