Anarchy Moment 0207 Take Two –The Great One Fucks Up / Rage At Weyland-Yutani Episode II: The Barn Saga. — 2 Comments

  1. The first 5 seconds of this podcast are now looped as my phone ring tone…..

    Seriously GO, all roads lead to Rome and what fate is essentially telling to you is that you need to found your own events / promotions company, you could then have the pleasure of taking on your competitors / past employers and crush them.

    I must also ask, does your employer know / ever listen to your podcasts?

    Cheers man.

    • Worst ring tone ever.

      As for founding my own production company. Not just no. Not just blah blah blah. But oh hell fucking Jesus Christ on a sick no. I’ll talk about why not in an upcoming cast.

      Dallas has no idea I podcast nor does he listen. In fact he thinks I’m a Hillary supporting shitlib because I don’t talk about politics at work. I actually do my job instead.

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