Stating The Obvious 0538 – ((( Salt ))) Brings Us A Story Of Mentally Ill Social Workers. — 6 Comments

    • Good point. I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. Not only can I not make this shit up, that’s to social workers and other parasitic retards compensating for they lack of value to humanity I don’t have to make this shit up. They make it up for me.

  1. I know you’re based there GO, but Fort Collins seriously needs to be raised to the ground by fire….. this shit defies even the minimalist levels of sanity I thought were humanly possible.

    “10 years of experience working in restaurants and in customer service” translates to ten years of asking if you want fries with that.

    And…. as for working for free… you not working for free, it actually costs you money to get there and you have to eat lunch, wear / launder clothes etc, so you’re actually working for a negative result.

    Mallory Andrews has a pear shaped body which implies a lot of fat around the abdomen and fat ass as well, this type of woman routinely balloons out later in life like a god dam xmas tree ball decoration, so I don’t think you’d like her in the long term. In regards to the other chick, nose ring aside, the photo-shopping of flowers, halos, or any other shit associated with a more pure / divine life style onto their fore-head indicates that they have no self perception of how easy they are perceived by all those men around them.

    P.S. Tell Adam not to get so excited and yell so much in your greasy pole pod casts – makes it painful to listen with headphones on and in the car I need to constantly play with the volume.


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