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  1. Hi GO,

    A thought while I was trying to red bill a buddy, I believe that the word “Diversity” is terribly misused….
    I’d argue that it actually represents a line in the sand between men and women.

    When I look at men (not these limp-wrist-ed millennial types), but real men I see a lot of guys who are doing very different things with their lives that take skill and are both challenging and rewarding.

    When I observe women, it’s just the same cookie cutter result that only differs in the level of physical beauty involved… they all seem to follow the same simple play book…

    They love to travel, go to coffee shops, get a degree in bullshit, and virtue signal – rinse & repeat, there is no diversity involved, no matter how old they seem to get.

    Now we get to the clincher……

    I’d further argue that females and their virtue signalling and traveling are equivalent to basement dwelling and video games, the virtue signalling facade is erected like the walls of a basement to allow her real ‘self’ to remain hidden away, while the traveling gives her escapism in the same manner that video games do for some males.

    These females obviously hate their lives, their work, their families in spite of what they may say, else they would not be seeking to ‘escape’ all the time and then upon returning start thinking about the next ‘escape’ attempt.

    This is why you’ll notice on dating profiles for example that the standard ingredients are travel photos and virtue signalling for most chicks – this tells you she (a) really hates her life in spite of what she says and (b) she keeps trying to escape it.

    Which makes sense, as women never confront problems like men do, they instead always want to run away as a solution.

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