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  1. >Women aren’t slaves to Hypergamy, but they aren’t immune to its subconscious influence, and this applies to your >“good girl”, your trad-con “Red Pill” woman and your “Quality Woman”.

    TGO, the difference between hos and bros is the word “consequences”….. I wana be rich but I don’t give in to the impulse and hold up a bank – I know I might get killed or most likely do severe time as bubba’s play thing behind bars.

    Hos on the other hand “just do it” – that NIKE slogan was written in heaven for them…. I’d argue with you that in the past the word “consequences” applied more equally to the sexes, the hos facing destitution / poverty / even death for chancing some extra-marital hokey pokey….. so they may not have been happier…. but they faced real consequences, unlike now where every beta limp-wrist manlet bends over to absolve them of any ground zero after-effects.

    • Agreed. Women have no idea of consequences. Hell, they don’t even fully understand the concept of “the future”. Considering that a man or men as a whole will rescue them from every fuckup in their lives why should they care about consequences? As you said, it wasn’t this way in the past. But now we have the Prime Directive.

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