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  1. I keyworded poppler in the past but it’s no longer a problem.

    I am a professional programmer. systemd is terrible for a number of technical reasons. Mainly it’s because systemd is monolithic and cannot be adjusted or tweaked by distro maintainers or end users. It takes over your whole system and forces you to do things its way. There is no option to use your favorite system logger or your favorite networking programs; you have to do what it wants the way it wants. The Red Hat Way, which is terrible. It’s also event driven, so variability in hardware operation can cause strange and inconsistent dependency problems on each boot. This is why so many people (comparatively) have sporadic boot problems.

    The reason systemd is evil is because it has been shoved down everyone’s throats forcibly by Red Hat. This is why I call it an NSA rootkit and compare it to statism. Red Hat maintains udev which is the software that makes you not have to statically configure all your devices like in the olden days. They built a dependency systemd into udev for no real technical reason. They constantly change the systemd programming interfaces to make writing shims or adapters difficult. They tried to build a dependency on systemd into the kernel itself, but the Linus rejected it, chewed them out in typical style, and threatened to prejudicially ban all patched from them if they ever tried it again. The attempt to force it one everyone, mostly successful, is why I believe it to be an NSA backdoor. If not now then in the future.

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