Stating The Obvious 0495 – Why Women Are Inferior As Illustrated By Women. — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t stomach women who use themselves as coloring books G.O., I know she is a red-head, but I still get put-off by all the graffiti….. train stations and freeway overpasses don’t look any better with it, so why would a female?

    Does she consider how bad it will all look when she is old? (sorry I forgot that women don’t consider the consequences of their actions, so scratch that question)

    Tattoos are a major psychological damage indicator for females in my book as well.

    • Hi Pete. I don’t disagree with you.

      Tattoos normally make me run the other way. But I will also admit that on a small number of women they look good. Or maybe these girls are so hot that they still look good even with the tattoos. Much as someone, I think it was Matt Forney, once wrote that women with short hair don’t look good because of short hair – the look hot in spite of the short hair.

      You did answer your own question. *ha*

      Tattoos are self-mutilation. Just because you paid someone else to mutilate you doesn’t mean it isn’t self-mutilation.

      All that said, given the opportunity, I’d take this one home for 6 months or so. She’s not a keeper. But she’s do for tonight.

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