Linkage: 26 December, 2017 – The Fake Rape Edition #TheTriggering — 2 Comments

  1. Great one, either I need glasses or those photos you’ve posted of that teacher are amazingly redone to make her look better, the court room photos of this woman show she is of below average looks with a crooked nose. The magic of Photoshop and various camera angles never ceases to amaze me – whatever did women do before the digital age, oh that’s right, they were in the kitchen.


    • Oh the girls understand the magic of camera angles. They have taken so many photos of themselves that they know from exactly which angle they look the best. Add in the instagram filters and all the other stuff on the cell phones. Now that you point it out and I look there are not many profile photos of her and her nose is the reason. Of course when you are banging her from behind it don’t really matter what her nose looks like. And when she’s cooking my breakfast her nose matters even less.

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