Stating The Obvious 0455 – The Power Of A Liberal Arts Education: Mental Health Problems, Trannies and Journalism Degrees. — 4 Comments

  1. To be fair there are a couple more things about journalism in a degree (such as ethics and law). You are, however, completely justified in leaving them out by the fact that no working journalist appears aware of them anyway.

      • Here are a couple more math problems Professor Cada struggled with:

        1) She earns $20,000 for 9 months of work (part time), 20 hours per week. There are 2087 hours in a year of 40 hour work weeks (OPM.GOV), and 1043 hours working half time. In 9 months there are 783 working hours for a half time worker. $20,000 / 783 = $25.50 per hour. Not so bad.

        2) For laughs assume $11/hour claim is correct. Parking cost is $565 per year, her salary is $20,000. 565/20,000 = 2.8%. 2.8% of $11 is $.31/hr, not $2/hr like she claimed.

        • You did math and you disagreed with a woman. You are clearly sexist.

          In all seriousness. I didn’t do the math as you did. You are correct. $25.50/hour isn’t bad at all. I don’t think she ever attempted the math. She simply felt oppressed because feelings and declared herself to be oppressed because feelings.

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