Stating The Obvious 0405 – Freedom. Speech. Problems. Advertising. Profit. Generations. Philosophy. Decline. — 2 Comments

  1. If aliens found us so beneath them that they wouldn’t even trade with us then they would most likely treat us the same way we treat dolphins and at worst only dissect a few hundred people. Can a dolphin split the atom? Has a dolphin ever landed on the moon? No, nevertheless we treat them as sentient beings and usually leave them the fuck alone, some states have even gone as far as to declare dolphins ‘non-human animals’ which means that they acknowledge the potential of the dolphin to reach the same heights as we do. I’d expect an alien civilization advanced enough to reach Earth to treat us with the same respect we show dolphins.

    • The first mistake in theorizing about aliens is attributing human emotions, reasoning and responses to aliens.

      Sure they might be all touchy-feely. Or they might not.

      Certainly I leave dolphins alone, but mostly because there are no dolphins in Colorado. Flies and mice I exterminate at will.

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