16 Random Posts from the Cynical Libertarian Society

The War on Fun

Old people hate it when kids drink.     Why? Probably these old people are jealous because beer pong didn’t exist when they were kids in college. And why didn’t beer pong exist when the old people were in college? Lack of imagination? Free time was spent in church? Fire hadn’t been invented yet? Who knows. Who cares. All I know is that the old people need to get over it.   Let me be clear, college kids tweak me off as well. Not only do I live in a college town, I work on a college campus and I … Continue reading →

Do liberals think Hussein Obama is a god? Yes they do.

The Democrat Party of the United States and the Nazi party of Germany are alike in a number of ways. One of the ways in which they mirror each other is that both of them understand the concept of getting to people when they’re young and indoctrinating them with your views. Christians do the same thing in fact. All cults understand that they must prey on the weak and defenceless not the strong. This way when children grow up the indoctrination you’ve given them, in the place of education, will be very hard for them to overcome. Adolf Hitler created … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0240 – I Hate All Statists Equally. But Some Statists I Hate More.

In this episode: The Baristas:  http://thebaristas.com/ The Baristas on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBaristasTV The Biggest Problem In The Universe:  http://thebiggestproblemintheuniverse.com/ Great 4th of July moments. JULY 4TH, 1863 – The Confederate stronghold of Vicksburg, MS is surrendered to the Union forces led by General Ulysses S Grant. Because of this, southerners being as strange as they are about the Civil War, Vicksburg would not celebrate the 4th of July again until World War 2. I’m serious. JULY 4TH, 1875 – White Democrats in Vicksburg, still bitter over the way the war turned out, murder several freed black people in the town. By … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0315 – Book Discussion: Data And Goliath – The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World by Bruce Schneier – Part 7

Tangenting about trail running and eliminating stupid people from your life. Then more about the book Data And Goliath – The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World by Bruce Schneier. We continue with the legal justifications the NSA uses for their mass surveillance. I point out more reasons why more laws are not the answer and why democracy is the problem. Then I go tangenting about Crusade and Capt’n Save A Whore actions by one of the characters. Then it’s back to the NSA. Keep in mind that the NSA knows you visited this website. But … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0075 – Do You Need #Obama To Keep You Safe In The Woods?

The hiking trail adventure continues because I didn’t die. I did not rely on Hussein Obama The Messiah (The Lord and Saviour) to keep me dry if it started raining. I brought my own poncho. If only there were a state agency to protect me. I can’t be responsible for my own life. That’s crazy talk. Don’t go walking in the woods by yourself. It’s not safe! The government is shut down and the bears might eat you and who’s gonna build the roads? … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious – 0089

“The greatest enemies of free enterprise in the U.S. are intellectuals and businessmen.” — Milton Friedman Fort Collins is so quiet when the Medicated Generation is out of town. The local throw-away newspaper has published its last issue. Am I suppose to be sad? Granted I’ll miss making fun of them. According to the Canadian government the polar bear population has more than doubled, even though we are all dying from global warming and the ice caps are melting. Is there a problem with Florida and California flooding when the ice caps melt? I don’t think so. I’ve been too … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious – 0067

I must apologize for the previous STO. Why don’t we send all the unemployed people to France? Corporate bailouts: Why do we (the taxpayers via the government) just hand them the money. Make them work for it. GM needs my tax money in order to stay in business? GM is threatening the United States. The only reason Democrats are going to bail out GM is so the UAW will continue to vote Democrat. If GM can’t stay in the black then GM should collapse. Why must the tax payers float $12 million of “loans” to save GM from their poor … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0137 – The Reason You Don’t Have A Job Is You.

Most people will work for other people their entire lives. Starting your own company requires effort and the typical idiot can’t put forth that effort. Many of you out there are unemployed. I’m sure you think this is because of Bush or Obama. It isn’t. There is only one reason you don’t have a job. You. In this rant recorded at 0500 hours I will explain some of the behaviour you are engaging in that prevents you from getting or keeping a job. Every one of these is 100% real. Zero exaggeration. These are people I work with. And by … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0294 – More Social Justice Warriors and Discussion of “All They Have Is Fear” by Jack Donovan – part 3 of 4

I’ve been meaning to talk about this since I first read it. Finally I get around to it. Jack Donovan – http://www.jack-donovan.com Buy his book “The Way of Men”. I have it. It’s great. I may do a discussion series on this book in the future. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007O0Y1ZE/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jackdono20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B007O0Y1ZE “All They Have Is Fear” by Jack Donovan Written essay and audio file – http://www.jack-donovan.com/axis/2015/11/all-they-have-is-fear/ When a woman says she’s for equal rights, or that she thinks people should help refugees or that she’s against racism, I chalk it up to natural empathy and moral signalling. She’s telling people that she is of … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious #105 – an introduction part 1 of 2

Stating The Obvious #105 – an introduction pt 1 of 2 If you are new to Stating The Obvious this is a good place to jump in.  I start of by talking about what STO is and isn’t, why I do this and other things that matter such as: Words have meaning. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. Statist are evil. My liberal friends can’t shut the fuck up about how “we” “stole” the land from the “native Americans” but I notice none of those liberals who own land give it back to the Indians. … Continue reading →

Another war that can’t be won.

An Israeli hacker says he has broken copyright protections built in to Amazon’s Kindle for PC, a feat that allows ebooks stored on the application to work with other devices. The hack is the latest to show the futility of digital rights management schemes, which more often than not inconvenience paying customers more than they prevent unauthorized copying. I have said it over and over again.  Old people, the dinosaur days are over.  Once something is in digital form you have lost control of it.  You had better start coming up with new ideas about copyright.  This war can no … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0300 – The Brussels Terrorist Attacks Were Caused By Marriage According To Scott Adams.

This is part 4 of a 4 part series. Stefan Molyneux covers the Brussels Terrorist attacks in these two videos. Notice that he also understands that Diversity + Proximity = Violence/War. Stefan asks the question “Why would you want people more than a quarter of whom believe suicide bombing is great?” I have the answer. The left-wing statists, the social justice warriors, the homostatists, the GLBTKKK, the stathiests, the tranistatists, the paedophiles – all of these people want to eliminate heterosexual white men who work for a living. But none of them want to do the eliminating themselves because that … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0374 – Accuracy Checking My 2016 Election Predictions For Colorado and Fort Collins.

Gratitude to Captain Capitalism for mentioning my episode of Stating The Obvious in which I explain the Trump victory. This one link has set a new record for the number of hits on my site in one day. And this illustrates the true path to being found on the interwebz. It ain’t SEO. Especially if your content is the sort of content Google and social media will censor. I had to give up on the book The Hatching. 1. The “you go girl” level became too much to stomach. 2. The product placement of Diet Coke was out of control. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious – 0056

I am right, you are all wrong, that is the way it fucking is. I am the Great One, Himself and this is Stating The Obvious. Today, Black-bama is in the cross-hairs of the cruise missile of my intellect. I’ve been told Rush Limbaugh thinks he is “the great one”. Whatever, Rush Limbaugh is a pimple on my ass. David Gilmour does the theme song for STO, “You Know I’m Right”, a song he wrote about me. It’s on his 1984 album “About Face”. He’s got a new live album coming out. Be sure you get that puppy ’cause it’s … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment #0057 – No You Don’t Have The Power To Change It.

Can you change the behaviour of governments and corporations?  No you can’t.  You are a slave to the State.  You no more control it’s direction than ticks control a dog. “people need to know about this. so unfair. so deeply unfair. and we have the power to change it.” http://www.upworthy.com/ever-heard-of-benzene-poisoning-me-neither-but-samsung-and-apple-have-1112 Transcript. Taken from the link above. Narrator: This is what matters. The experience of a product. Will it make life better? Until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches. Woman: When I was in third grade my mother left home to work as a migrant worker. When I … Continue reading →