Stating The Obvious 0756 – The Great One Is Back. At Least That’s What He’s Calling It. — 2 Comments

  1. The first problem I have with Redo of a Healer is that things went a bit too easy for him, I wish his plans, strategies, tactics were more sophisticated and fights harder. Second problem is that sex scenes are not unnecessary, but there’s too much of them and they’re too long. Also I think they’re good and that makes me horny, and I’m enough in touch with reality to understand that I won’t get any loyal anime waifu in real world, best a man can hope for is some LARPing thot, if he has lots of money, but that’s not the same.

    Yes, I bet at least 20% of your audience are, as owen race accountant calls them, virginTOWs. Who wouldn’t have enough cardio preparedness to fuck girls in real life like Keyaruga fuck them in that anime.

    No, I disagree that it’s because of graphic images, it’s because justice can never prevail in our slave morality/mentality, care based normality culture. To be continued.

  2. Continuing.

    In my not huble opinion there won’t be a second season because of the same reason Magneto isn’t allowed to win in Marvel universe. It’s for the same reason feminists were against Jonny Depp despite the fact that bed shitter was clearly at fault. For the same reason French whamen weren’t executed despite collaborating with Nazis. Cucks, simps and feminists can’t stand a guy getting his righteous revenge against vile horrible females. If the roles were reversed and it was a girl getting revenge against vile men then it would be perfectly alright. We as a society just simply can’t allow bad women to get what they deserve, it will poison minds of plebs with righteousness and justice.

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