Anarchy Moment 0385 – Book Discussion: Someday Is Today. Even A Cucked Beta Male is Superior To Women and Coloureds. — 6 Comments

  1. One of your best. How right you are. A “thenithive”, modern guy turns out to have more backbone and stoicism and stubbornness than many other people.

    Say what you like about Scott (“Dilbert”) Adams. He doesn’t get everything right but, from memory, he once wrote something like,

    “It doesdn’t happen often, but sometimes I don’t want to just break out of prison…I want to break out, free the other inmates, shoot the Warden and burn the prison down.

    This way of thinking has often done me well…”

    Pigheaded stubbornness is an undervalued virtue.

  2. Hey, it’s your resident pisshead agent in the field.

    At my job in warehouse I’ve met this cute English girl, I know, I know, English and cute is kinda rare, but still happens among those ditch pigs. So anyway, she is studying, wait for it…..

    education and she cam be a teaaaavheeer.

    When I heard it I immediately started mentally rolling my eyes. Thank god she says she is only doing it to get a better job because of a degree, she hates teaching. Too bad she doesn’t know one particular Jewish accountant, who would explain to her that education is a bullshit degree, and I’m not going to be that guy, who tells her, don’t want to deal with any consequences.

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