Anarchy Moment 0382 – The Gynocentric OceanGate Titan Implodes In A Fat Woman’s Uterus. Fag Tag Stagnation. — 5 Comments

  1. Chemtrails ate real, it’s called geoengineering.

    My buddy is a freemason from outer circle, everyone can join outer circle, they’re fucking normie idiots and most of them aren’t even interested in esoteric knowledge, they’re just there because their family were freemasons. It’s a club for middle class posh jerkoffs. During a plandemic they kicked out my buddy from their lodge because he refused to get vaccinated, later after everything ended they tried to lure him back, but he refused for obvious reasons.

    I even considered joining masons myself, but what fucking knowledge I can get from hanging out with normies? It’s not like anyone will invite me into their inner illuminati alien lizardmen satanic worshiping circle and I’m not sexually attracted to children, so I wouldn’t fit in.

    Any listeners of this podcast who can point me to real not sectarian shit about mythology, esotericism, supernatural?

    • Everything you want can unironically be found on youtube. You just need to figure who is worth lisenting to. Asha Logos is probably one of the best places to start.

      If you prefer books, start with Revolt Against The Modern World by Julius Evola, the Lightening and Sun by Savitri Devi. And finally Chronicles From Pre Celtic Europe by Alewyn Raubenheimer.

      Everything else can be found in history books about the pre-christian world, records and accounts from reputable ancient historians and philosophers alike, and archeological studies from that time period and beyond. Very vague I know, but well worth the study.

  2. Great one! Lets get our shit together bud and start kicking out these podcasts at 2 a week minimum! Falling behind bro.

      • It depresses me how a TGO can’t live off of donations, because of a small audience. This only shows how fucked we are, everyone wants to be nice to enemies and morons in general, no one like plain hard truth, we can get kicked out from our jobs and get our lives destroyed if we voice out our opinions, which are based on cold hard inconvenient truth.

        Humanity doesn’t deserve to exist if it doesn’t value righteousness and truthfulness.

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