Other People’s Podcasts 0093 – Art Of Manliness: Heal the Body With Extended Fasting — 4 Comments

  1. I’m on my 14th day of not drinking and keto, I’m dreaming about a bottle of cold Jager more than I care about burgers, pizzas or other edible carbs. Still three weeks to go until finish line, which I’ve set up for myself. Maybe I’ll learn something I can apply during those remaining weeks, I imagine this podcast might be boring, but still better than Star Wars. 😀 Also, thanks gor clarifying that guy might be a leftist, that also means everything this guy says might be complete bullshit, we’ll see.

    • Booze is so good.
      I think I’m going to lean more carnivor in the future – but giving up booze? Nope.
      Yes. Booze is poison.
      Yes. We all gotta die.
      Gotta say though – the 31 days with no booze was easier than I expected it to be.

  2. Okay, so while listening to this podcast my alarms almost never went off, except that he mentioned plant based diet a few times and not even once carnivore or keto. What conclusion can I draw from what I’ve heard is the same from what I already heard before – big pharma and doctors are also normie NPCs, just like Wuhan showed us already. They do their jobs trained by the establishment while listening only to the establishment, they don’t think and/or don’t care, because they get money from people being constantly sick. Here, listen to this presentation on sugar and neurogenesis. Reversing early stage Alzheimer’s without paying for medicine, nice one, huh? I’m just surprised it’s on Google event.

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