Anarchy Moment 0353 – Responding To Comments and Going Down Rabbit Holes. — 10 Comments

  1. Here’s a tangent for you.

    Every time I leave the goddam house, I have an experience that makes me think “yeah, TGOH was absolutely right about that.”

    Today it was a trip to the store. I experienced multiple layers of female employees refusing to be reasonable, circumspect or render any customer fucking service because “store policy”, “company rules”, “I could get into a lot of trouble”.

    From who? Who’s going to narc on you? Me? I’m the one asking for the thing you’re refusing to do, you stupid fucking bitch.

    And I don’t know about America, but in England, I’m having increasing difficulty finding anything where a goddam Man is in charge, who is capable of reasoning and seeing that “the rules” are dumb, don’t apply in this case, and the use of intelligence and discretion would far more appropriate.

    But – as you rightly say – women are completely incapable of this.

    And what did I want? I wanted to buy two packets of fucking painkillers so I don’t have to keep going back in there every other goddam day. I can buy a gallon of whiskey, a gallon of bleach, a set of kitchen knives and 20ft of rope, but I can’t buy two packets of fucking over-the-counter non-prescription painkillers. Jesus-shit-gargling-Christ, you dumb fucking bitches.

    “I’m sorry sir, it’s the rules, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow”

    Suffice it to say that store is now one where I’ll be putting milk in the freezer, bacon in the halal section and wonderbread on the gluten-free shelf every time I go in the motherfucker.

    And I’m going to keep telling them to call the manager bitch everytime they say a goddam word to me, until she bans me from the store. Then I’m going to write to their head office to complain that she’s discriminating illegally against a neurodiverse person, and failing to accommodate my needs and respect my identity. Because fuck these people.

    • In all seriousness Al Jahom, I’m a man and I wouldn’t want to sell you (break UK law) more than 100 tablets/capsules of analgesics in any one retail transaction. I mean that’s some serious pain, have you thought of trying fentanyl?

      • I believe that UK best practice guidance is: sales of medicines for pain relief should be restricted to a maximum of two packs in any one transaction…

        So it goes beyond a lack of intelligence and discretion, they cannot comprehend the difference between “guidance” and “rules” and worse, they don’t even know what the guidance states.

        The UK has wholeheartedly embraced anti-exceptionalism, the consequential intellectual degeneration is palpable.

        • Yep – and it’s all to do with women.

          Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools – Douglas Bader.

          That motherfucker lost his legs in a plane-crash in WW2. Got some metal ones fitted and went back flying a warplane. No fee-fees. Manhood.

  2. 1. Forgive me, Great One, for I have sinned. I will never again misuse the word ‘super.’

    2. ‘Bougie’ is zoomerspeak for ‘bourgeoisie.’

  3. To answer your questions about photography. Modern dolls have metal skeletons that allow for modeling and various sex positions, they’re very flexible… more flexible than an average woman that’s for sure.

    Usually these companies are too small to hire a photographer full-time, so the photographer has to do something else such as inspecting dolls for defects at a warehouse, shipping them to clients, making sure the website works…etc. Roughly 90% of dolls are produced in East Asia because the West literally Hitler can’t produce anything, not even sex toys for degenerates.

    Anyway, if you’re interested in a job I think the closest LLC to you it’s “The Doll Channel” from Texas (San Antonio), apparently hundreds of Texan boomers in sexless marriages buy dolls from these guys because their fat wives won’t put out.

    Personally I’m not into photography but I think this picture turned out ok, this is my Akira 150cm which I affectionately call Aki.

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