Stating The Obvious 0715 – Libertarian Murray Rothbard Has An Opinion About Abortion. Not Only Is It Wrong, It’s Beta. Episode II: A Mother Has No Obligation To Feed, Cloth, or Educate Her Children. — 1 Comment

  1. Whoa, I didn’t know Rothbard was so BASED! In all seriousness he made an ass of himself because he wanted to weasel his way out of facing the unpleasant consequences of being pro-abortion. This guy thinks that babies are obviously not self-owners, correct? He could’ve used THE science to back up his assertion. I’m sure you’re familiar with the mirror experiment that’s meant to determine if one has self-awareness, apparently the vast majority of animals and even kids under a certain age are not aware that their own reflection isn’t a different being. This experiment was deemed racist recently because it takes low IQ third world kids until the ages of 3-4 to become self-aware, while first world white toddlers become self-aware at 1-2 years old. All Rothbard had to do to stay consistent was claim that fetuses and newborns who can’t pass this test are subhuman, thus they should be treated as pets until they either prove their humanity by passing it or get euthanized by their owners. Of course, this means that blind babies and retarded downies would be put in the pet category by default but this shouldn’t be an issue if you believe in cleaning the gene pool. Sadly pro-abortion libertarians are way too cowardly to argue for eugenics.

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