Stating The Obvious 0711 – Principled Failure Is Worth Dog Shit. — 6 Comments

  1. Peter Hitchens, a de Gaullist British conversative journalist, used to write for the right-wing Daily Express newspaper. In the late 1990s the paper was sold; the new owners damanded that the paper’s contents align with the new Labour (left-wing) Blairite government. Hitchens, who resigned in protest, was most surprised that the readers didn’t seem to notice the fundamental change in the paper’s political leaning… it revealed to him the extend to which to general public are utter morons.

    • The issue here is that political parties are the swamp; they care only about power. Consequently, they have neither core values nor care a toss for their supporters. But the credulous public have been told, and they believe, the opposite. The dullards then align themselves with a party that appears to mirror their values; and then are happy to be led by the nose in whatever direction that party goes without question… because they are utter morons.

      • Conservative politicians tell their supporters to think and behave in ways that consolidate the politicians’ power – usually at the expense of their supporters. Their feckless supporters are all too happy to follow these commands… because they are utter morons.

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