Anarchy Moment 0336 – About Last Night. The Great One Anxiously Awaits World War III. — 11 Comments

  1. Another tour de force, Great One.

    The YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways – I too found myself watching clips of Reagan joking about the Ruskies over the weekend… maybe “they” are trying to drum up some of that cold war nostalgia.

    And yes, I got the full house on the shopping, travel and horsies.

    Anyway, I have one question: What kind of a goddam savage has mashed potato with their steak?? That alone tips the balance in favour of World War 3, ’cause that’s a world that ain’t worth saving.

    • Ya know, (((they))) probably are trying to drum up the cold war feelz. Whatever it takes to program the NPCs to hate/fear Russia.

      What the hell is wrong with mashed potato? Loaded with butter and garlic. It’s the second best way to consume the starch laden spud.

  2. Nah that shit about pornhub, onlyfans and CNN banning Russia was just some good old fashioned 4chan trolling. It’s true that onlyfans blocked the credit cards of some Russian whores which prevented them from getting paid by Westerners, however Russians can still access these sites without having to use a VPN.

  3. I complete agree with your only “entertainment” argument.

    The, somewhat annoying, irony is that of the entertainment you list, there is possibly one exception: a well-structured, curt and unambiguous accounting super-chat to Vlad Elkums “could” (theoretically) deliver an immediate, tangible and cost-efficient reward.

  4. The UK deemed that SARS-CoV2 was no longer considered a “High Consequence Infectious Disease” as of 19th March 2020, primarily because of its low mortality rate (status has remained unchanged: Having done so, the UK then went certifiably insane and locked-down 4 days later. Since early April 2020, I have frequently stared into the abyss and prayed: “please give unto us the cleansing power of global thermonuclear war”. For sanity to prevail, the species must die.

    • Well considering it never was a “High Consequence Infectious Disease” I’d say jolly good for them.

      I wonder what the next plague requiring an experimental vaxx will be. There are indications they are going to bring back AIDS/HIV. Only time will tell.

      Unless WWIII gets here first.

    • Dear Putin, who are in Russia,
      hallowed by thy invasion.
      Ukraine shall fall.
      Maternity flight suits shall respond
      with newly approved haircuts.
      Deliver unto us
      World War Three
      killing trannies, pox, and wamynz
      for ever and ever.

      • Dear Putin, who art in Russia,
        hallowed be thy invasion.
        Globohomo shall fall.
        Lesbians in maternity flight suits shall respond
        with newly approved haircuts and two mommies.
        Deliver unto us World War Three,
        killing trannies, faggots, and Statists.
        May the bodies be piled high

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