Stating The Obvious 0708 – Women and Storytellers Fuck Up Most Everything They Touch. — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed a push to give white racial features to nignogs, every redhead these days it’s a black woman and now I see a bunch of black men with blonde hair/blue eyes. What’s going on? Are they trying to pretend that whiteness it’s just a social construct like gender?

      • Reading this book called “The Darkening Age” that goes in depth how christ-cucks destabilized the Roman Empire, destroyed an estimated 90% of literary works from that era, destroyed inumerable temples, statues etcetera, and eradicated almost all information we have on native european paganism.

        When christ-niggers first entered europe, they behaved a lot more like the mudslimes that we have today rather than the cucks they’re now known as. Quite happy they’re dying out as a religion as well as meme. But it’s likely they will live on in some form as converts to some form of Islam in the future. It’s all in worship of the same jewish god you know? Yahweh or whatever.

          • you know, it’s kind of impossible to separate the fact that it was written by a w*men. But I don’t read many books, let alone books written by the woomies. So I don’t have something to compare it to. The only other thing that comes to mind is the Lightening and the Sun by Savitri Devi, and that isn’t even a close nor fair comparison.

            The subject matter in this book is very interesting, and to her credit, Nixley really works against her handicap what with her being a women and all. It’s an enjoyable read, and will probably give you another reason to hate christ niggers if you didn’t already have a list worth already.

            She regularly shills her book on youtube if you’re interested in hearing what she has to say. Worth a buy, unless you can acquire a PDF from other, legal methods I am not yet aware of.


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