No Podcast Today. Maybe No Podcasts All Week. — 8 Comments

  1. Hey man, I have a possible new source for YAWALT hilarity…

    I’ve just written about an English journalist called Katie Glass… she’s hilarious. Of course, she doesn’t intend to be.

    A strong, independent wall-hitting landwhale who wonders where all the good men have gone and can’t figure out why her house is cold, or how to do anything about it. A real-life female Mr Bean.

    She gets paid to write weekly features about all this shit. I’m sure it’s not intended to prove every negative stereotype about women, but oh boy does she deliver on that front.

      • Thanks – I hadn’t seen that.

        Carl is far too forgiving of her for my liking. He grants her the victim status she so covets, whereas I grant her the delusional idiot status she deserves.

        An actual adult knows when people or society is blowing smoke up their ass, and knows that you can’t bank it. She thought differently.

  2. We don’t remember authorizing you to take the week off, did you book it with HR? This is gonna come out of your pay.

  3. I’m betting that a short Anarchy Moment pod will drop in the next few hours… because.. honestly… what are the chances that nothing has pissed TGOH off in the last 5 days??

    If not, I can always listen to a bit of AM330 again 🙂

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