College Kid ‘Cast 0017 – Letting Your White Daughter Go To College Is Child Abuse. — 2 Comments

  1. Christianity was slain by Martin Luther (the white man not the negro), theoretically all of these monotheistic religions have the elements required to glue a people together but only as long as they don’t start cucking. There’s a reason why UK women cover up with baggy pants and jackets while passing through certain neighborhoods, if they don’t the Muslim men living there will either throw acid in their face or walk up to them and just sucker-punch their asses. Muslims would never allow their daughters to bring them shame like Christians do, they don’t welcome whores in their communities.

    • Too bad the Christians in the UK don’t have the balls to both control and defend their women.

      Of course, all Christians have lost the ability and balls in defend and control their women. That’s why their women are importing Muslims.

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