Basket Of Inferiors 0007: Judge Amy Cuck Barrett — 2 Comments

  1. Donald Trump is a ’90s Democrat, the fact that he somehow manages to trigger current year leftists just goes to show how far left the US veered in the past 2-3 decades.

    Even during Saint Obama’s days when fag marriage was illegal, it was still not a controversial position to declare yourself ‘pro gay’ because the culture war was already lost by then. Politics is about enforcing your will onto others and shaping popular culture itself, if cuckservatives had any balls they would’ve started punching fag lovers around the year 2012 the same way leftists punch “nazis” today and they would’ve started burning down churches that don’t outright condemn sodomy.

    Speaking of faggotry; why hasn’t Donald Trump attempted to reverse gay marriage yet? Isn’t he a BasedChristian™ or whatever? 100 years ago trannies would’ve been put through electroshock therapy, these days a conservative president can’t even get them out of the military. LOL

    • Cuckservatives somehow have a reputation for violence. I can’t figure out why since as you point out none of them have the balls to punch a fag.

      They certainly aren’t going to punch a POX or a trannie. Or enforce the boarders of their land to protect their nation.

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