Stating The Obvious 0644 – Short As This Episode Is It’s Still Longer Than The List Of Cuckservative Republicuck Accomplishments. — 2 Comments

  1. Conservatives by their very nature can’t do much which means: 1. They’re destined to lose every battle. 2. They only appeal to people who like the status quo.

    -Let’s start with the former, an alpha boxer who doesn’t throw any punches will lose the fight. It doesn’t matter that his opponent might be a soyboy faggot, if all he does is block attacks then maybe he’ll block four hits but the fifth one will go through and if they repeat that process hundreds of times, the alpha boxer will eventually go to sleep. Lawful republicucks never stood a chance against the left, they got Trump elected yet he can’t stop trannies from indoctrinating children in public schools because being a president in a ‘democracy’ doesn’t make you God-Emperor.
    -As for the latter… what are they trying to conserve exactly? Who actually likes the status quo? Not me! I wouldn’t have moved to Romania if the US had balls and removed the spics from the South using force, I don’t care whether they’re legal or not because ultimately they’re a genetic threat to my people the same way my people were a genetic threat to the extinct Indian race. If Trump was LiteraryHitler™️ I would’ve went back home but sadly he isn’t.

    Does ANYONE like the status quo? Yes. People like (((Soros))) enjoy building on a mountain of skulls, the republicucks are basically trying to conserve a sandbox for billionaire Jews to play God in. As a country we’re nothing more than a shield for Israel and a giant experiment in social engineering.

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