Anarchy Moment 0231 – TGO’s Day Off: A Tale Of Two Girls and Some Other Stories Along The Way. — 3 Comments

  1. As someone who has read and followed the old wordpress Heartsie blog right up till they killed it, the answer to why the hottie was so nice to you and why the girl of average looks was such a shit towards your advances lie in one of his post from a few years ago…. regardless of that woman being a carpet eater or not.

    Heartsie speculated that average looking women tend to get approached / hit on a lot more than hotties because more men seem to think they have a chance with her…. the hotties get hit on less, so they don’t tend to get sick of / tired of it…. also their egos don’t get inflated to the extent the average ones do….. it’s the average ones who tend to have expectations that shoot way above their own physical attributes and accordingly resent the attention from any man who is less than a perfect 10 in their eyes.

    I figure if she batted for the other team she would have said so, they usually do in order to kill interactions quick and clean.

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