Anarchy Moment 0223 – Shocking News! Brace Yourself! Women With Tattoos and Hairy Arm Pits Are Broken. Who Knew! — 4 Comments

  1. Whoa….. can’t recall in the years I’ve followed your blog you ever sounding this happy on a podcast….

    Maybe that implies you need to get a pet….. a cat?

  2. No, I’m being serious, when that dog was being friendly you sounded like you momentarily forgot your troubles and was just enjoying the empathy the animal was showing towards you.

    On a separate note I’m sure you’ve got a whole podcast in you regarding the death of Emily Hart, a woman who was the poster child of total failure and a refusal to admit it.

    • Ah the doggie bit. I had forgotten about that. He was a very friendly dog.

      As for Emily Hart. I just read the sad news over at Pushing Rubber Downhill about 2 hours ago. The woman was an ugly wall-hitting loser. Fucking wonderful news. I don’t know how Adam could put up with watching her videos. I made it to reason six in this last video and couldn’t take any more. Death is too good for her – only because it prevents her from dying alone at the age of 96 shitting on herself in a government nursing home while being ignored by the mud people she imported to feel good about herself.

      By the gods what a worthless bint she was.

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