Stating The Obvious 0575 – Catholics Disgusting! Muslims Good! — 3 Comments

  1. You called this years ago GO, concerning Trumps ultimately ineffective presidency and a failure to turn this ship around, but I noted today a post over at Chateau Heartiste where CH himself, probably one of the hardest Trump supporters, is starting to surrender to the reality of Trump being something of a failure rather than a beacon of hope for the right.

    CH: “The jury is still out on the eventual impact of Trumpism, but two years in I admit my growing doubts about the “slow but steady” course correction avenue have tarnished my post-2016 election optimism.”

    Trump is now cucking on every promise he made – better watch out an, you may lose your guns next, you may not own any at the moment, but when push comes to shove you may need to at some time in the future.

    • While I’m still happy Trump won the election and enjoyed the hell out of The Trumpening there are some points which are showing themselves to be true:

      1. Talking shit pre-election is easy. Cashing the checks your mouth wrote after elected is difficult. Especially when you don’t even have the balls to put Hillary in jail.

      2. The left is lazy. This works in the favour of the non-left. But the left hates Trump so much that his presidency has gotten them off their fat asses in opposition. This is why I think the next election will be more difficult for Trump than the previous. Previously the left was so smug they knew he couldn’t win. Now that he has won they will come for him with everything they have. Which wouldn’t be a problem for a Trump with balls. However . . .

      3. Now that Trump is a politician he has given up his balls in order to play nice.

      4. Trump is attempting to play nice with people who hate him. A sure sign of stupidity. Some people will say “Trump has to play nice. That’s politics. That’s reality.” And that’s the problem. I didn’t vote Trump for Trump to play nice. I voted Trump to put Hillary in jail and build a fucking wall. If you want to get things done you can’t wake up in the morning and focus on being nice to people who hate you.

      5. Trump continues the disaster that has been the right since the right existed. For every victory he logs 9 defeats. The left will always win over the long game. So far as I know the only leftist policy Trump has pushed back on is trannies in the military. And the next shitlib president will simply reverse that policy and let the trannies back in. That’s only a short term victory.

      • I had personally written him off after I first learnt he brought his daughter into government.

        Any man who has been granted great responsibility and has at least half a brain does not allow their daughters or wives for that matter to meddle in the affairs of state.

        The dumb-ass should have declared a f’kn emergency and just built the dam wall by now – this would have been my course of action early on if I were him, plus yeah I’d have gone after all the crooks too….. I’d simply say “fuck-it” and just go for broke….. I mean like the dude’s 70, so he does not have that much more life left in him – why not go out of this world remembered as fighter rather than another pathetic weak cuck who panders to his daughters every whim.

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