Stating The Obvious 0565 – You Can’t Make A Ho A Housewife. Your Ideology Can’t Survive Impact With Reality. Yoga Pants Girl Climbs A Ladder. — 4 Comments

  1. Just a friendly reminder that ‘bipolar disorder’ is actually female hysteria, they rebranded it somewhere in the early ’50s as if to imply that it’s something men can also get. We don’t bleed out of our cunts every month therefore we don’t have female hysteria.

    • Lucy actually explained it to me as “My emotions run extreme in either direction. Either I see someone and totally love them or totally hate them.” Which translates as “I have no control over my emotions.” Which we all knew women can’t control their emotions. Their emotions control them. If that’s what bipolar means then just as all women are bisexual (and they are, yes all women) then all women are bipolar.

      Yes. All women.

  2. OG, while the force is strong in in normal T level dude to dip one’s dick where so desired…. I’d be careful man, with all the #believe-her shit going round you need to be mindful of all potential outcomes…… just say’ín……

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