Stating The Obvious 0546 – “Men Are Fixated On Emotionally Unstable 18 Year Old Girls!” Shrieks Wall-hitter with A Fur Baby – Episode I: Women Are Most Desirable At 18. — 2 Comments

  1. OG,

    In respect of online dating there is a specific psychological need concerning ugly women being served here that could be classed as an artificial mimicking of good looking women in real life. Without the aid of online dating fugs cannot amass beta orbiters like a hot woman easily can – because ugly is undeniable in the real world….. online dating allows for photo-shopped pics and a few paragraphs of bullshit to serve as a filter between the ugly woman and her acquisition-ed beta orbiters, kinda like an ozone layer covering her head to toe, making her form more palatable to other online life forms.

    The use of beta orbiters of course serves to meet the constant attention seeking needs of the female id, rarely have I known a woman who does not have some in real-life or online, she does not want to fuck them – just enjoy their at-a-distance fawning over her, aka narcissism 101.


    PS: You influenced me to buy an old-fashioned pendulum clock with chimes and I’m glad I did, I didn’t realize how much cooler these are compared to digital ones – there’s something about them I can’t quite articulate, but it’s cool.

    • Greetings Dave.

      Great point about ugly women needing the cyberwebz to collect orbiters. It’s the use of filters and those overlays of dog ears and shit like that which make these girls appear more attractive on the InstaTHOT. I’ve noticed in photos now days the eyes are enlarged as well. the gurls know how to use the neoteny.

      Orbiters are essential to the female psyche. As I’ve explained – If a woman is not receiving attention she does not exist. Orbiters keep her going between hookups.

      Pendulum clocks are the best. I think part of it is the analogue aspect. A digital clock might keep perfect time, but who the hell want’s perfect time? Plus it’s mechanical. Parts are moving around and interacting with each other. It’s a machine and we boys like machines. Be sure to have your clock oiled every 5 years or it will stop working.

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