The Greasy Pole 0002 – Red Bow Ties For Gun Control — 6 Comments

  1. FFS man, red light bulbs? in the old days a red bulb designated a commercial whore house for gods sake.

    All I can say is I’m glad that cylon killed off Jane Seymore in Battlestar Galactica…… but then the guy got stuck with her kid – totally cucked is you ask me and it was still only 1978.

    • Maybe the red is for their blood. Gun control wackos don’t seem to value their blood enough to own tools (guns) that will keep their blood in their body.

      Being a single father on the Galactica would totally suck. All those babes in the fleet and you having to haul around another woman’s egg.

      • Though I must say, Glen Larson redeemed himself when he produced the Buck Rogers TV series in 1980, no cucking here, just a dude meeting up with a new hot chick each episode – the way it should be.

        • No shit. I have the Buck Rogers series on DVD. Until I saw Erin Gray in those catsuits I had no idea girls were different from boys. She may have been the hottest woman in history. I love that show despite it’s flaws.

          • Ah Erin Gray….. one of the very few chicks who actually got a little better looking in her mid 20s than when she was a teen… her BR 25th Cent costumes were so tight it was a wonder she could walk. She had long legs that went on for miles.

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