Stating The Obvious 0195 – Why Statism? Part 1 of 4 — 2 Comments

  1. Greetings,

    I am the commenter who’s comment you did this podcast on, and I must say, you mowed me down with that machine gun pretty damn mercilessly, nice work! Thank you for doing this podcast! I actually learned something from it, and that is that I had not considered the difference between persistent fear, and immediate fear when I wrote the comment. Normally I’m not the agreeable sort, I often play devils advocate just to get under a persons skin. But in this case, I do agree with everything you expressed about statists living in a state of persistent, perpetual fear. So excellent show, and thanks for giving another point of view on the topic, and something to think about! Damned excellent indeed!

    • Hi Sam.
      I’m glad you learned something. If nothing else that means I made some kind of sense. Like I said, you were not wrong in your observations at all. It’s all about defining the terms and being specific. I appreciate you playing devils advocate to me. Your comments are always intelligent and force me to think. Keep ’em coming.

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